Sunday, February 22, 2009


this has been a very busy 2009 so far,
but we always take time for our Oscar week ritual.
from far away, we see the tower with the little gold statue:

every year since they built the Kodak Theater
I go down and pad around looking at the crew
setting up the red carpet.

and we eat sushi...

and usually we go to the little exhibit where you can hold one of the (surprisingly heavy) statues,
like so:

but this year, that exhibit was in Chicago---so we didn't.
maybe next year?

QUICK UPDATE< the Oscar winner for make up on BENJAMIN BUTON, Greg Cannom,
just thanked our own MILES TEVES
Super congrats to Miles, he invited me to come to the studio a few years ago, and showed me the amazing
models of Brad Pitt's face in several ages, from baby baby to old man...of course I culdn't take photos and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement...Miles, one day you'll be up there yourself, darling.

***and the new Oscars look grande, the screenwriter's montage was the first time they have made writing interesting to watch.

ps there is a new blog up over at about our little movie shoot. THE EXECUTIVE


Dan Guy said...

Next year I hope to see Coraline there! I know it'll be at the technical Oscars, at least.

Small Fox said...

I know you guys try to keep track of such things, so I thought I would let you know that My Little Mochi is hosting a Coraline Box swap, inspired by the boxes sent out by LAIKA. The sign ups are closed and we are all thrilled to be participating. The post about the swap is here: and the flickr group is here:

I'm box 28 and I've been brainstorming and sketching all night! SO EXCITED! I hope you guys enjoy what we crafty folks come up with!

spacedlaw said...

Mmm. Sushi! Can I be craving sushi at 08:53 in the morning?