Saturday, February 28, 2009


as we got off the plane, the crisp chill in the air reminds me I haven't packed properly, i can hear my little Mom, "bring some warmies" and no, i didn't.

that didn't stop us from getting on the cable car (with a pile of Buddhist monks in bright orange) and heading for Fisherman's Wharf:


we ate delicious Dungeoness crab sandwiches and
headed back to our Tenderloin district hotel.
(a neighboring marquee) :


we walked over to the Mosconne Center where CHarles and the rest of the Comic Book Defense League was toiling away to set up the WonderCon booth:
look at this architecture we saw on the way:


Charles had a favorite Chinese place near the complex and someone, not me, ordered this dish that is nick-named "SuperBacon"...


we went to an art opening in North Beach area and i was inspired by the FOURTEEN YEAR-OLD photographer, Mister Larson..

Charles and Drew on the night street.


first day of Con:

stormtroopers, getting ready for Mark Hamill's appearance...Carrie Fisher comes on Saturday:


Pam, our old friend, called me with the electrifying words "do you want to go to the sneak IMAX showing of WATCHMEN??"
i said YES immediately, but then found out it was a midnight for the almost three hour film. The ever-smart Jill Thompson said,
save it and go support the box office. With heavy heart, I didn't go. but oh, i wanted to. (i awoke to a text from Pam, STUNNING) All I want to know, did they put Bubastis in??!?





the incredibly talented artist Dave Johnson sketched in our booth, his lines are so economical...
I even signed a few of my comic SUGAR in the Tori Amos COMIC BOOK TATTOO collection.
you know that made me goofily happy.

FAIRIES!! these sassy ladies from SLeeping Beauty made my day:

and just who is this steam punk?

We had a very successful Friday, I tried unsucessfully to post this blog, the hotel firewalls were tough! so I have another one to post shortly, with photos from
days 2 and 3, before I head off to the east coast for Neil and Charles' NYC BLUEBERRY GIRL signing. more details to follow.

thanks to Boss for all the twittering about the Con, I met quite a few of you followers!


Marjorie said...

It looks as though you had lots of fun, even if you didn't get to see 'Watchmen' and all for such a good cause, too!

Feeling a litle envious that you get to go to the Blueberrry Girl launch, too, and will look forward to a report on that one, too!

spacedlaw said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the glimpse of the city.
You look fantastic, doing the authoring thing.

Anonymous said...

And here I was, thinking it was kind of on the warmish side here this weekend. LOL You even got to see a bit of sun, before it got all grey and rainy again.

FabulousLorraine said...

What fun! I am glad you got to sign things too, Missie Writer! Cons kind of scare me, no idea why, I think I am too shy (No, not kidding) but with you they could be fun. Maybe. Have to think on this one.

AT any rate this one looked fun, and glad it was a success!

vampi said...

looks like you had a blast:) i might be inspired to go to one here in lala land.

san fran looked marvelous, it has such a distinctive style

ariandalen said...

Looks like you had fun! :)
Congratulations on being asked to sign your work! You deserve it. :)

I must say, Drew looks especially handsome in the fancy clothes and goggles. :)

Chantrelle said...

Lorraine - I understand why Cons scare you...they're totally overwhelming! It was fun though.

It was so great to meet you Kitty!

Dragonsally said...

Oh my I want that coat in the last photo.
And the 3 fairies! For a moment I was 6 again.
It looks like you had a lot of fun.

dollee said...

It was nice to meet you and Drew on Sunday. This was my first comic convention, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect, so I was glad to have a booth to seek out (thanks to Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed). I enjoyed chatting with Drew about the books, and found both of you to be such lovely people.

Yoga Gal said...

Great shots of the Wondercon! They gave me chills of thrills ; can't wait to the Comic Con San Diego! Can't believe you didn't pack more warm sweater, haven't you ever here the joke, "The coldest Winter I ever had was a Summer in San Fransico?" You also made me home sick for the that town, I lived there for five years. Thanks for sharing, you looked beautiful and Andrew looked dashing in his coat! Namaste - geri - Yoga Gal