Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i really dislike the word "hate" except when it is the title of one of my favorite comic books.

so when I read THIS ARTICLE suggesting that Coraline might be the only teenager to hate the Jonas Brothers, I was a bit sad.

I mean, I know business is business, and things move along in the movie world fairly quickly.

It just strikes me as wrong to suggest that 3D is the ONLY way to see CORALINE.... not true! yes, it's definitely better but still an amazing viewing experience in 2D.
I know it was made in 3D....and I am the 3D queen. (I went to see BOLT, for pete's sake.)
I saw BEOWULF in and out of 3D. I saw NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS in both versions.
It all still works.

in the words of reporter Kevin Mason:
If Kevin, Joe and Nick weren’t landing Friday, there’s no telling how much stronger little blue-haired Coraline could have performed.

me again, Henry Selick's intricate work is still there on the screen, please, just don't give up movie-viewers...

we went to CORALINE in 3D (again!) (and here we are at the popcorn counter, supporting the Hollywood economy):

and here is Sean with the boys:

even when I told him that I might show up in the Jonas Brothers film somewhere (i was on the tour while the 3D crews were filming), he says he's not sure he wants to see it...

can you find me in our end-of-tour crew shot?

jonas brothers,Kitty Cat

ps there is a new blog up on my Furrytiger journal about our :
film shoot


Realmcovet said...

Yes, I agree. Hate is such a strong word.

Coraline has enough merit to be awesome all on it's own, 3-D or no.

Have fun with the Jonas Bros. My 9 year old daughter is in love with them. :)

Dread Val said...

I think I found you -- from the guy in the green t-shirt, you're at 11 o'clock?

ariandalen said...

I wonder. The local theatre multiplex here has two 3D screens. Maybe, just maybe, Jonas Brothers won't be on both screens? "Coraline" has been on one screen with "My Bloody Valentine" on the other, so...maybe. Still, with "Coraline" being #3 this last weekend, it will be on plenty of regular screens, and very much worth seeing. :)

spacedlaw said...

Saw you! Second row just above the guy with the black/red and white t-shirt with a hat.

As I probably will only get to see Coaraline in 2D, I can only agree with your assessment. The movie is doing very well and I think most of it is due to the hand-made magic woven by the team. it will lose some of its audience because of less theatres showing it but will still do very well all in all.

Dan Guy said...

I agree. Coraline has defied expectations and done very well for itself, why hate on the Jonas Brothers?

I am watching a disturbingly bad indie movie at present. I wish I was watching The Wrestler or Let the Right One In.

Yoga Gal said...

Only seen the 3d version and Coraline is a breath-taking film. What is more amazing is all the hand-crafted work that went into that film, all of Coraline's tiny sweaters were hand-knitted for example! Just a magaical film. Hey, don't worry about the Hollywood economy, the film industry is one of the few big businesses that are getting a tax cut from our State. But buying pop-corn does help out that thearter, in the first few weeks of a film most ticket profits go to the studios not the theater that shows it. Great photos!

Ticia said...

I agree with you Kitty.

::sigh:: It really makes me sad when journalism is used this way. He's doing it to excite interest in him and what he has to say. Not to promote a movie or expose a "real" problem.

"Hate" should be used in the context of "I hate poverty or ignorance" not to encite people to choose sides in a made-up "war". "Coraline" is an artistic masterpiece that translates to any format. *shesh*

Not that you said all that Kitty *grin* I kinda went off on a tangent...

The pictures are awesome. I am shocked at the size of the Jonas Brothers crew. How do you move so many people around the country?

Malena said...

hello Woman! Yes, Hate is a harsh word. Good to see you yesterday. It was too short, as usual.