Tuesday, November 17, 2009


November...it is the time of year when the veil between the worlds seems the thinnest, and departed souls can navigate their journey onward with the most ease. In China, November marks a celebration for the spirits of the dead, where paper money and offerings are burnt to express the happiness of the living that the dead have gone to a better place.

Neil Gaiman’s poem “100 Words” has long been one of my favorite reflections on the inevitable passing through the veils...

A hundred words to talk of death?
At once too much and not enough.
My plans beyond that final breath
are currently a little rough.

The dying thing comes on so slow:
reluctance to get out of bed
is magnified each day and so
transmuted into dead.

I dream of dying all alone,
nobody there to watch me pass
nothing remains for me to own,
no breath remains to fog the glass.

And when I do put down my pen
my memories will fly like birds.
When I am done, when I am dead,
and finished with my hundred words.

Earlier this year, the CBLDF and I approached one of my personal art heroes Jim Lee about illustrating Neil’s poem. Jim's attention to detail is riveting, from the tiny etched bottles on the shelves to the faint hint of a skull hiding under a beautiful face.

We now share it with you- (click on image to see it bigger)

Five dollars from each print will benefit the CBLDF, our steadfast friends in the east who are there in the light and in the darkness, fighting for our civil rights.

Featuring ever-precise lettering by Todd Klein, who brought Neil’s words so vividly to life in Sandman.

I have followed Jim Lee's career since the early 1990's, his Xmen characters breathed life for me like never before. I finally met him at a CBLDF panel at WonderCon in January, here is a little clip of him doing a fantastic job drawing the mighty Wolverine. The bidding was fast and furious on this drawing, and he is always raising money and awareness for the Fund. We thank you, Jim!

This piece will measure 10” x 28” printed in soy ink on heavy 100% recycled archival stock, with an inch of white border around the art for breathing room. There will be a limited print run of 750. It will ship out within 10 days from original order. For the first 24 hours that it is posted, I will make the print $35 and then it will go back up to the price of $45.

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FabulousLorraine said...

I really really love this print!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Kitty is sitting right next to me and I already said that to her, but I wanted he world to know)

Dan Guy said...

That blows my mind.