Saturday, November 21, 2009

pre-bonfires and fireworks

it's been a week of preparation here at the Addams Family Mansion, as up to fifty people will be coming to the house tonight for a belated Guy Fawkes party...

we filled two shopping carts with makings for chili, vegetarian and vegan (not that you would know that by this photo)

we made soup from tomatoes from their garden, this city kitty was very impressed.

Q's spider ring!!

Neil has professional quality chef knives, makes cooking such a pleasure:

The chili was white hot and then simmered down to perfection...As I understand it, Quiche does the ground work and Neil comes in to season the chili pots as he sees fit:

wild dog!

here are some of the honeycombs from the last harvest, all piled up ready for eating:

I got to share the bed of the Princess:

more awards arrived in the mail while I was here:

Zoe (is not) in a swimming pool:

mirror in the bathroom! me in way back, behind Maddy & Quiche:

in the front yard, a Twilight pumpkin competition (Edward Cullen is the clear winner!):

Quiche in her new "deadly nightshade" hair color:

NonBirding Bill and Cabal guard the bonfire pile:

Bill and Hans took me to the GIANT fireworks store, where I got my own fireworks permit, but I still don't know how to get these home, i bought some for my brothers and now I am finding out, can't transport legally---thoughts?

at Quiche's we fed the beautiful Royal Bengals:

@Birdchick continues her search for the Golden Eagle, no photos yet, but I believe in her..

Neil wrapped in the 20' Doctor Who scarf, made by Ally :

young David on the trampoline:

and now the party is starting, NBB is rarin' to go burn things so i best get out there, will show more...

as for the 100 WORDS TO TALK OF DEATH print, Neil's haunting poem as drawn by Jim Lee--

(click on image to make it bigger)

I am going to leave the $10 off sale for the weekend, to order it go HERE


FabulousLorraine said...

I am HERE and I still don't believe it!

Kate T said...
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Kate T said...

We aren't there and we are SO jealous! Have a wonderful night! (typo in the first version of this!)

Marjorie said...

I'm not there either, but I wish I were, it sounds as though it'll be a great party..

(PS - I'm sure that for a *proper* Guy Fawkes party there should be more Brits there, y'know.. ;-P

Dan Guy said...

Wish I could be there!

EmilyLady said...

Those knives may be impressive. But Quiche can tell you only exploding knives are what really count. Also, Boss looks kewl in the Dr. Who scarf.

LincolnBlog said...

Such a delightful party. And no wonder with all the thoughtful preparation.

spacedlaw said...

My poor little friend (which would be Cabal) looks a little sad. Possibly a case of not enough cuddles...
Love the Royals pictures.