Sunday, May 2, 2010

another edition of Neil's magnets!

while Neil is off on his travels, I thought i would put up this photo I took last month while we walked in his woods:

here are just a few of the items that made their way to Neil's mailbox:

The first issue of Bull Spec, sent in to Neil by Sam in NC (notice his great postcard):

This beautiful book came in from Jacquelyn of the Pacific Northwest...


the talented ladies of Indianapolis, the Naptown Roller Girls, sent this batch of knitted goodies:

Look at foxy rollerderby queen, Joan of Dark in her Scary Trousers tee...


Jeremy from Ohio sent this terrific photo of baby Lila, surrounded by NRG!

Derek sent his self-directed DVD all the way from Ireland:


and the lovely Louisa of RAVEN BOOKS in Dublin sent me this damaged Coraline graphic novel (which looks like the Hulk got ahold of it...) so I can use it to make my comic book magnets:


look at miss Selina Kyle sitting on the batch of comics from Trisha, more potential victims for my magnets...

am FINALLY posting some of my magnets & mirrors...

if you are new to Neverwear the magnets are my last-ditch effort to save my collection of drowned comic books that were damaged in an east coast flood. (yes, never again will i use cardboard storage boxes...)

I cut recycled glass to fit and then frame the original panels in copper.
go HERE to see them.

so, the May Neverwear sale will be a two-parter.
for any purchase over $10.00, I will throw in a free "dream dangerously" sticker...


and I am putting the Graveyard Book regular tees on sale, from $25.00 to $15.00--
they feature a conceptual art sketch by Neil for the cover of his Newbery Medal winning book.
order it HERE.
see it on Drew...
Drew in a GYB tee
and on Crow..
crow garrett,magician,neil gaiman,neverwear

one month to save ten American can almost get into the movies on that savings...(IRONMAN 2 COMES OUT THIS WEEK!)

i will leave you with a link to our very good news..
and also the first photo released from the new Thor film being directed by Kenneth Branagh:



Tess said...

Hi, followed you here from Twitter!

Ohh that sticker is lovey, as are the magnets! Loving the one w/ Matthew & Mervin, I'm tempted to buy it.

One question, though: is the Scary Trousers tee going to be back in stock?

I tried getting one in the past, but there weren't any in my size :( so I bought the Anansi Boys one (which I LOVE!) and the "I believe..." one.


Kitty Cat said...

Tess! tell me (in email) what you are looking for, and I will see what we can do.
ps sorry, Merv just sold!
watch the space, I will be posting many more...i have loads of these treasures...

spacedlaw said...

I love your magnets.

Marjorie said...

I saw that pic of the Joanofdark knits and for a second there I thought they'd knitted a whole Neil...

I love that picture of Boss & the dogs, too.

louisa said...

Yay, damaged Coraline arrived \o/ It's a little known fact that when the Hulk isn't causing mayhem he likes to help out at small, independent bookstores. Nothing brings a smile to his face like sitting down on his tea break with one of the classics or a book of poetry, I've seen Emily Dickenson bring a tear to his eye

Love the pic of Neil + Dogs xx

LincolnBlog said...

Congratulations on your good news! Also love all the new stuff (especially the sticker...but then again, I'm a bit biased there).

Leslie said...

That is a fabulous photo of Neil and the dogs.

And thanks for the Thor picture, too. I'm getting super excited, and it is still so far away!

Cecily said...

Love the magnets and the Photography!

I lost my entire art portfolio in an East Coast flood, I feel your pain.

FabulousLorraine said...

I love that Neil photo with the Dogs! You are SO good and quick with the camera, I need this skill!

Love it too that we now know an entire Women's Roller Derby Team!

Kitty Cat said...

the fact that i can do anything with the destroyed comics makes me very happy indeed.
As for the Hulk, i believe that he is a sensitive greeny.

Quiche, roller girls lay their fortune at your feet.

and did anyone notice how GIANT Selina Kyle is?
grow-pills? what the what??!

Kitty Cat said...

Scary Trousers are back up on the website,
got temporarily disabled, damn internet pixies!
thanks for the heads up, Tess---much appreciated.

Daria Hlazatova said...

wow! you are a magnet queen! :) And the Neil-Gaiman-with-the-dogs photo is fantastic