Saturday, May 22, 2010

for a good cause...

Getting ready for my cross country trip---it is full of travel up and down the Eastern seaboard, seeing family and friends, and working several of the Conan tour dates.
Neverwear will be run by invisible elves...

Working to get the Cabal postcards ready for summer and making more of my operation rescue comic book magnets. I donated a few of my magnets to DoodleDay, funds go to research and help battle NF. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births.
There is one more day for the fundraiser, Neil & Amanda both donated art to this cause.

Neil’s doodles, of course, are kicking ass.

my 5 watercolors (skulls, spirits, bats, cats & ghosts)

my 3 magnets (IRONMAN, THOR, XMEN)

Neil Gaiman Doodle #1

Neil Gaiman Doodle #2

Amanda Palmer:

And here is the link to NF, Inc.'s eBay Page with all the items:

Sad news, want to say goodbye to my dearly departed little Joey Aspen,
so many people seem to be jumping off this mortal coil lately...RIP sweetheart.

i will leave you with a little photo that miss Red sent me to make my day better.
Kid Rock was the guest on Conan tour date in East Lansing, Michigan.
She had him send me this message...


Marjorie said...

Fantastic! (I hope Q gets the watercolours...)
I took my Desert Wind print in to the framers yesterday - the guy there admired it muchly, said his son is a big fan of Neil's work, so I wrote down the Neverwear site for him ;)

FabulousLorraine said...

Outbid again I am. Don't people KNOW that these paintings of yours BELONG in my Spooky House???

Aleks said...

haha! that's awesome.