Friday, May 14, 2010

mid May...

It's a windy evening here in Los Angeles.

This week has been non-stop, trying to get everything ready before I fly east
to do some location scouting and to work some of the Conan O'Brien dates.

(will report on that over at the furrytiger road blog.

Hopeful to have the Cabal postcard sets done in the next week or so.
Brainstorming on The House on the Rock event designs.
Wiping my tears over the late great Frank Frazetta. RIP FF!

Making more of the comic book magnets/mirrors and posting them...
see here a few fresh out of the oven:

i do believe that Destruction might be my most favorite of the Endless...

oh that silly power-hungry Magneto:

and from one panel that was too damaged to save, only Todd Klein's lettering remains. I set on a frosty glitter background..
(and this has lately been claimed by miss Pam, it is going to live with her...)

I am posting these and more HERE.
also if you see one that you like and it is sold, send me an idea of what you like, and i can get close.

will do a Neil mailbox soon, but not tonight, want to get back to posting the newborn little glass magnets.

meanwhile I will leave you with something that really made me happy. Miss Fabulous Lorraine started a bidding war on my
spooky watercolor pieces that I did for Doodle Day, the Gillian Anderson (yes, agent Scully!) NF charity auction:
here are a couple of them:


FabulousLorraine said...

That would be because Miss Fabulous Lorraine really wants them, but they are so cool, they deserve to raise a lot of $$ for Agent Scully.

ruth666 said...

Truly there is no end to your talents!

Marjorie said...

Well of course Q wants the watercolours, who wouldn't?

Oh, and my Desert Wind print, and stickers just showed up, which makes me so happy. Thank you!

Kitty Cat said...

oh goodness, Marjorie, did that take FOREVER!!>>??
ashcloud back log!?
as for watercolors, who knew? i was just goofing off...