Monday, November 29, 2010

40 hours left on THE PRICE & a gift...

so it's almost over and we are oh-so-close...

to show our appreciation for those of you who have come back in and upped their pledge (that's me included in this group of niceys), Christopher announced a gift of a one-sheet poster (different from the print coming with the $65.00 package)
actually I will let him tell you in his own words here:

In fact, the response from many of you has been so generous, we wanted to do something special to show how much we appreciate the efforts of those of you who have already increased their pledge amounts (many of you by twice as much or more!), as well as to encourage our newest backers (over 200 in the last 40 hours alone) to try and do the same ... here it is:

For everyone who increases their pledge, we're sending you a specially created "1-Sheet" movie poster! (One more time: check out the image below!) This will be limited to 500 prints and embossed for authenticity! (Note: this is NOT the same as the "Limited Edition Poster" listed in the rewards section, but something completely new!) And yes, 58 of these are spoken for by those backers who have already increased their amounts!

So act now! Being this close to the goal, please consider doubling your pledge amount -- and remember that every dollar counts! Also, to help me keep track of things, when you increase your pledge please send a note along as well so I don't miss anyone! :)

Thank-you all SO MUCH for the mind-blowing support!!! Keep telling/writing/calling/texting/tweeting/Facebooking everyone you know!!!


- Christopher

me again, isn't it pretty--



vampi said...

!!!! it made it\o/

Stacy Hurt said...

Thanks so MUCH for putting this up again! I missed it before. :)

I pledged~ Tho now I'm thinking I should have pledged once this morning, then later today could have upped my pledge! LOL

Kitty Cat said...

yes, so so very happy today! it really was a roller coaster ride----
and Stacy, you can do that still, you have 6 hours left!
going to be posting 10 new questions with Christopher on the blog in a little bit--
thanks again for the support, you diamond dolls.

spacedlaw said...

It was delerious hitting refresh and see the goal coming closer, closer and then sail past.
I can't even imagine how maddening it must have felt for him.