Monday, November 8, 2010

November is here...already....

Some years ago, Christopher Salmon sent us his unfinished take on
THE PRICE, Neil’s short story about a tremendously brave black cat who stops at nothing to protect his humans from harm....

Now you can help bring it to the big screen.
Kickstarter is making this possible,
for as little as a $10.00 pledge.
If his project doesn’t raise enough pledges, nothing will be charged against the donation.
There are many incentives to make it worth any amount you wish to pledge, from only-available-here signed prints to digital downloads of the finished film.
At this moment there are 590 backers ...(including Steve Wozniak (!!), my cute little parents & Neil himself who blogs about it
I want to see this story unfold...
Don’t you?


here's Christopher talking about his project:

ps. Happy almost birthday to you, dear Neil...

for the month of November, any $10 purchase will get a free AMERICAN GODS sticker, drawn byJouni Koponen (who blogs about the AMERICAN GODS weekend here)
our little Viking has substituted runes for stars...see the birthday boy holding it here:


pps. I will get a blog up about the adventures of miss Quiche Lorraine & I this skatehappy week over at furrytiger, soon!

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Lan Pitts said...

November already? Yeesh.

Also, thanks for the heads up for Mr. Salmon. Interview forthcoming.