Sunday, November 28, 2010

a new Neil mailbox-November 2010

hello all you kind & goodlooking Neverwearers.
I write to you from a rare moment at the treehouse.
The ever-fluffy Miss Selina Kyle and I settled down on the faux zebra to take photos of some of the beautiful items that have arrived in the mail for Mister Neil. She insisted on holding the dynamite hand-knit Goldie by Casey H from Kansas City.
When he said, "meep", we all fell in love with him:

so many many letter from here & there & everywhere...
(the "shameless self promotion" post it made me giggle)

the classy Annette from Chicago sent a bound book of photos for Neil from the House on The Rock event, which was so thoughtful of her, he will really treasure this:

(just because Selina was sleeping does not mean she was bored. no. just really tired. from her busy cat day. of doing nothing.)

these beautiful one-of-a-kind art cards by Jessica in North Carolina, ravens, posies & trees- meow...!

From Illinois & minds of greatness, a birthday greeting full of Good Omens inspired art:

this one was for moi, some of the most magical smelling soap fromBLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB our dear friends Beth & Ted
shown here with the Lady Miss Palmer...Please go shop with them this busy holiday, you will never smell better and all their scents boost your IQ. really!

there's more, so much more, but i am heading off on an evening adventure with my husband, he's home from tour for only one day.
more soon, stay tuned--
oh and last thing, we are down to the last few hours on THE PRICE Kickstarter program.
Let's make it happen!

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spacedlaw said...

Such beautiful stuff he got! There are some very talented people out there.

Love the picture of Kylie with Goldie.