Thursday, November 10, 2011

catching up with mid-November...

It's Neil's birthday today and last year, at this time, we were all down in New Orleans for quite the bash.

i had these laminates made up for his birthday party, complete with Christopher Salmon's artwork:

cut to a year later: Christopher and I made the trip out to "Castle Gaiman" (Kyle Cassidy's nickname---but it shall always be the Addams Family mansion to me) for work on some behind the scenes footage for THE PRICE.
Here is a mini-clip I took of Mr. Salmon being white-German-sheparded, while directing Neil:


I especially love the way he has captured the little Halloween-town in his video, i got chills once I realized what it was.

The look of joy on Christopher's face when Neil presented him with the see-in-the-dark binoculars was worth the whole trip.

Meanwhile in other news, Mr. Jouni Koponen has been hard at work over in Finland to bring another one of Neil's poems to life in print. Hope to have the finished file this week, it looks so beautiful, in the spirit of his interpretation of SAUCERS (see below as Jouni and Neil sign SAUCERS) but heartbreaking in a different way. He has illustrated Neil's poem CONJUNCTIONS and as soon as it is available, I will share it with you all.
Happiest of birthdays to our Neil.

the men sign Saucers


Marjorie said...

ooh, nice treat in store!

Marjorie said...

ooh, nice treat in store!

Xtopher said...

As always, a wonderful post, Ms. Mihos! :) (Although I still think I look rather psychotic taking those binocs from Mr. N!!!)

vampi said...

oh love the video of the dogs playing ring around the film maker :)


on the deck said...

Xtopher could rent that smile out to LA or any other town for night lighting. Brilliant smile, Christopher. I believe Mr. NG knew you were delighted, and that would delight him. Please don't apologize for showing your joy. It's a gift, too.

spacedlaw said...

Ooo. Looking forward to more art.

Have a Happy Lola as celebration.