Tuesday, December 13, 2011

contest winner #1

so my darlings.
I am getting story after story of woe. Maybe it's my Irish lace curtain upbringing but I thought it would be more stories of nominating someone for the good they have done---not that your spouse left you and/or you just need a present.

Hey, i am just the judge here, but I am going to have to get Charles Brownstein in on this (like he has the time!!??) because he is a judge of character like a hot knife through butter. He is the executive director of the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND--he fights out in the streets daily for our basic rights as humans.

Anyone that can prove to me they have donated $20 or more in the month of December 2011 to the CBLDF fund in the next 9 days will get a coupon code for $10 off anything at Neverwear. Please send me your proof at neverwear@gaiman.net---

now back to the contest.

winner of the CONJUNCTIONS print?

James aka @ ChaosNeverwhere of lovely Seattle. His story, in brief, he had tickets for the Amanda/Neil show in Seattle this November and had to give them up at the last minute to work. Not just any work, James does heating repairs for many Habitat for Humanity properties. Here is a bit of his story:

November 9th, 4:00pm. I am getting ready to leave work and go home, clean up and head up to Seattle for an evening with Neil & Amanda. Excited all day. It was as if to be married again. Yes, I was glowing. A phone call came into the office and was directed to me. Answering to a desperate family with their elderly mother living with them, they had no heat. (the temperature actually dropped below 40 degrees that night). Right then and there, I will never forget that moment. I was crushed. But I knew the right thing to do. Put together an emergency crew and go install a furnace for this family so they may have heat. A hard job with, at times, difficult hours, however it’s worth knowing that I’ve help bring warmth to a home.

This is my story of why I think I should receive the Neil Gaiman signed print.

Me again! Here's the thing, James. I totally agree that you should get the prize. But this was to be given away with no signature, because I haven't yet seen Neil to have him sign any of the Conjunctions prints. So I am going to substitute for you a signed SAUCERS. You can email me your address.

Today's prize will be the Lucifer magnet & just because I haven't picked your story doesn't mean I won't. Just mulling them all over.


Chaosneverwhere said...

Thank you so very much :)

Milan Pospech said...

I made fool from myself in front of Neil on twitter when trying to look smarter than Americans.And that was exactly when he answered me for first(and last) time ever...I'd like coin from picture.(What kind of coin is it?Is it magic?)

my twitter is @LaughingBeast
mail magnificat@atlas.cz

Dragonsally said...

Good pick Kitty Cat.

I think this prize should go to Spacedlawyer, because, knowing I've had a rough time lately, she bought me my ticket to go and spend NYE with Neil and Amanda and other people. Generosity like that deserves to be known!

Kitty Cat said...

Aw, Sal! Spaced-law is one amazing lady. you know what? i think we have a winner!!