Wednesday, December 14, 2011

contest winner #2

Nominated by DragonSally, our resident Australian....
(these are her words)
I think this prize should go to Spacedlawyer {Nathalie Boisard-Beudin}, because, knowing I've had a rough time lately, she bought me my ticket to go and spend NYE with Neil and Amanda and other people. Generosity like that deserves to be known!

me again:
SpacedLaw has long been the picture of generosity, she has given all the way from overseas to every single benefit-type deal that I have ever posted, she supported Trevor's plight (& has been very patient waiting for her lost items from him--), she helped when Michael Zulli had towering vet bills, she helped when my friend was in a car accident, and oh so many other times.
I agree with you, Miss Sally, this prize is for you, lovely Nat. I will send your magnet right out!

next prize up:
the black-as-midnight Scary Trouser tee (i have sizes youth med, youth large, adult small, med, and large to pick from)
featuring the cutest lil' Neil imaginable, drawn by superheroine Kendra Stout. I am wearing one here:

me in the new Neverwear tee

Drew in his at ComicCon:

Drew on the hotel balcony

and (demon eyes) Neil strikes the same pose next to that Oscar-winning Roger Avary:


to hear the story of why Alan Moore nicknamed him Scary Trousers or to buy one for yourself, go HERE!

To nominate someone for acts of kindness or stories of bravery or other deserving situations, please post a comment, email me ( or go on my twitter feed @neverwear. I will ship, at my cost, their present to wherever in the world you wish.

Yesterday, Neil phoned me from the airport before heading off to Australia with his bride, to give me words of advice on being clear and direct about my contest rules. As always, he was wise to point out I used the word "deserve" and should have been more clear about the contest--This is a chance to honor good deeds and give onto others. I know I have read many tough luck stories, and I know that is one justification. I am looking for a bit more...thanks, you interesting lot. Happy winter to you all.


Cecily said...

Totally agree! Nathalie is in fact awesome and totally deserves it!

Cecily said...

Oh and I want to nominate my eldest daughter, Chris, to get the Scary Trousers shirt. Chris was failing horribly with anything having to do with reading. She had been tested over and over and over again for learning disabilities and any issue they could think of to put an answer to why she couldn't read properly. Well my husband got the brilliant idea that it was the content. So he started reading Coraline with her. After just a few nights of it, she was reading it on her own. It has been a long hard path to get to grade level and have passing grades. She is about to turn 14 next week, is reading Neverwhere, and just brought home a report card with only A's and B's on it. I think that she has worked her ass off, with the help of a great writer giving her something she wanted to read, and she totally rocks.

Marjorie said...

Yay! Good choice. Nat-Law is very deserving :-)

phdaisy said...

Yay Nathalie! And love those Scary Trousers tees! Good luck to the nominees!

Dragonsally said...

*Happy Dance*

Thanks Kitty!

I think I might second Cecily's nomination of her daughter. Anything to encourage youngsters to read is a winner!

Cecily said...

I heart you Sally. :-)

Rubius said...

Awesomesauce!!! Nat you totally deserve it. You rock. And Cecily, that is great story. Very cool and good job to Chris.

spacedlaw said...

Well... That was unexpected. Thanks a million Sally, Kitty (and everyone else for chiming in).
However... If I may: Since I can well aford to pay for my own Neverwear stuff, may I suggest to redirect that shirt to Cecily's daughter?

Cecily said...

Nat, I heart you too, very much. Once again you show exactly why should win your prize. (which I believe was one of Kitty's awesome handmade magnets, someone correct me if I'm wrong) (((GREAT BIG CYBER HUGS)))

spacedlaw said...

Ooooh. riiight. I should not read those things on a empty sleepy head.
Then I totally second the nomination of Cecily's daughter for the T-shirt.

Kitty Cat said...

looks like miss Chris gets the prize, see today's post for details!! xoxox

spacedlaw said...

Love her reaction! Too cute.

Cecily said...

I think the best part was after I stopped recording she said, "I think I'm going to go read some more." With the biggest smile ever.

(Kitty I tagged you to the video on G+ with your email...have no idea if it worked. If not and you want to see it, let me know and I will figure a different place to put it)