Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hello dears & happy holidays!
I have been trying to keep up---
Haven't yet decided on the winner of CONJUNCTIONS,
in fact, i have a few balancing on my hand.
might need a vote situation.
However, I am off to the post office to send out
the last of the orders, then off to see my wonderful family on the east coast.
So be patient, and if orders are made, anything now will be sent out after Christmas.
This will be the next prize to give out,
a very rare treasure indeed,
a laminate from Neil's 50th birthday party.

this pass was designed by the so-talented Christopher Salmon.
PS if you haven't watched his latest video update (posted on the same day I got hit by that car!)
you must go! WATCH! DO!
(i just watched it again, just for a certain "mind-blowing" scene!! @Xtopher, you be crazy!!)


Marjorie said...

Oh, Squeee! "I really, REALLY like the look of that and it would make me happy" doesn't really qualify me as being deserving.

I should to nominate the one of people on day one, facing christmas without any gifts should get it. Nourishment for the heart.Maybe you could put those neams in a hat and pick one?

Also, have a fantastic time over the holidys, Kitty.

Dragonsally said...

I second what Marjorie said. I mean to say, who wouldn't love it!

I hope you, Drew and the cats have a wonderful Christmas.

Dragonsally said...


maliciousharp said...

I think I agree with Marjorie, although its easier to do so as I am totally one of those people from day one :)

Unknown said...

I nominate my friend Julia, who last night went down to a local Target with a friend and did the following:

...we held up one awesome cashier's line buying stacks of gift cards, putting $20 on each. We immediately gave one to the guy waiting behind us in line. Then we parked at the front door and began handing them to people as they entered. Most people showed the initial reaction of "oh god someone is shoving a flier I don't want at me," but then they'd look down at what they just accepted and, well, a multitude of reactions occurred. Some people didn't say anything and continued into the store. Some said thank you. A few stopped and said, "Really?" One woman ran back to give us both hugs. Another woman in a headscarf with a strong accent asked us, "Why?" and I said, "Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, solstice, whatever!" (Or something to that effect, but more formal.)

Twice people came back and gave us the cards back, telling us to give them to people who needed them more. One of those men kept asking us who we were and what organization we were with. It was fun to say, "We're just... us!" and, "Well, my name is Julia," and such. Heh, at one point he said, "How did you get the money?" and we replied, "Work." He asked us where we worked, so I said I worked for Harvard and Sandry said she worked for Whole Foods, and he said, "Wow, so you're not even really raking in the big bucks."

We ran out fairly quickly; it was a busy night at Target. We sat on a bench outside for a little while longer before heading home. One of the women we had given a card to--and possibly one who had given it back?--thanked us on her way out and said that she had been inspired by us to pay for the man at the register in front of her.

Unknown said...

Whoops, not sure why that last came through as "Unknown". If Julia wins, drop me a note at

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