Monday, May 21, 2012

SO… The long wait for the David Mack/Neil Gaiman prints has come to an end. They are shipping now!
For your kind patience, not only did we make up full color stickers to show how Burton’s tattoo was originally drawn, and a Neil five dollar bill, but David-ever-lovin-Mack signed ALL OF THEM for you! The blues, he signed in silver, the greys in a black ink with a brush. He’s so good…

Click here to see Burton's backpiece.

and if you want to buy one of the David Mack-Neil Gaiman prints, I have some left. I won't raise the price until we get a little lower in stock, but they are ALL signed by David now. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Being out on the Zombie/Megadeth tour is a bit like being underwater at all times without gills—& we run to stand still out here. I am problem-solving and throwing fire from my fingertips. We just did a huge show, with Mastadon and Marilyn Manson sharing our stage---so I have been submerged. I’d like to do a shout-out to my handsome husband for going the distance and getting all the prints signed by David. Thanks baby!


Dragonsally said...

I have this wonderful image in my head of you bursting out of the water and sending flames flying from your flame-thrower hands.
Wish I could draw it!

on the deck said...

Dragonsally, I had the same picture. Good with words, isn't she?

Kitty Cat said...

someday there will be a documentary on this phenom!
xoxoxo ladies.

Tekeros said...

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