Tuesday, August 14, 2012

new batch of glittery comic book magnets up!

just put up a whole new litter of magnet-kittens, born under the blazing skies of LA, ok, they aren't kittens, but they need new homes.


if you don't know my work, i had a flood ages ago (no i am not Noah) and drowned some very valuable comic books. My mission has been to salvage them into tiny artworks.


Neil has several of them stuck throughout his Addams Family house-mansion, that has always given me great happiness.

this one is a mirror!

Photobucket to see them, click here.


spacedlaw said...

Oooh. Tea.

vampi said...

love the blahs :) sad i missed it.

i have one mirror at home and one on my desk. now i will have one for my purse. LOVE the mirrors and magnets, can't have enough :)