Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kitty's cyber-garage sale in progress...

In addition to getting the version three-point-oh of the MAKE GOOD ART hats up on the Neverwear site, I have just spent the last few days photographing and prepping some of my tour memorabilia from over the years--

here's my note to the ebay world: It's been awhile, I used to do so much back & forth on Ebay, but I have been touring so much, out on the road for over a decade, and when i am home I work as the merch queen/assistant to the amazing Mr. Neil Gaiman.

Some of my tours include: TooL, Rob Zombie, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, The Kills, Motley Crue, Deftones, Godsmack, and more. I have worked SO many local shows here in LA, I can't even go into it.

I have things from all these tours to share with the world. Little artifacts from a simpler time, haha. **ALSO Husband says, they have to go. Too little space here in the treehouse!

Will be rolling them out as time allows, I am touring Australia next month with A Perfect Circle & then I go to Japan with Slipknot. I have so many things to post, feel free to mark my page-- I am going under the assumption that it's ok to sell these old mementos, but if some or another boss comes out in protest, well, I will have to deal with that as the time comes. I had a giant yard sale, and it was funny, the attendees had no idea what I had. This is a cyber yard sale as none of the auctions will start at higher than 99 cents and none of them will have reserves. So! Let the bidding begin. CLICK HERE for KITTY'S CYBER GARAGE-SALE some samples:

I am also cleaning out my bead nation! I have bagged up loads of rare, vintage, gemstone, glass, Japanese hand-rolled, metals precious & not, findings etc, and am selling them in big batches like so:

watch here for updates! email me with questions! CLICK HERE for KITTY'S CYBER GARAGE-SALE ***Tonight, I am off to see Band of Skulls & Muse at Staples Center, then back at it.


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Oooh. Beads.

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