Friday, November 19, 2010

13 Questions w/Christopher Salmon

There are 12 days left for THE PRICE to meet projected goal for funding...
I had a few questions for Mr. Salmon of SilverFish Creative...

13 Questions With Christopher Salmon

1) You must be a cat person--do you have any pets yourself?

We have an incredibly beautiful gray longhaired cat with stunningly green eyes named "Trinity" (her brother was named "Neo" of course, but sadly he went into The Matrix several years ago).

2) What do your kids think of this project?

Between us, my wife and I have 6 children (23-6), all of whom have been very supportive of "Dad's Black Cat Movie." In fact, I'll be pressing some of them into service Thursday to help me pass out "The Price" flyers to the midnight-movie crowds waiting to see Harry Potter -- it is going to end after all, right?

3) I know you've been floored by the success of this so far; is your iPhone keeping you up at nights?

It's definitely hard not to check the Kickstarter page during a 3:00 am 'call-of-nature.'

4) When choosing time slots for Kickstarter, why 30 days?

The Kickstarter staff recommend a 30 day funding period -- it is the internet after all -- insisting it is a fallacy that more time = more donations. Thirty days is like thirty years on the Internet!

5) Let’s talk about Hollywood and the changes happening.

The idea that Social Media will never amount to much of anything beyond a fad is still a tenant of the Old School Hollywood mindset. One of the coolest things about this project is the opportunity for us to show that fans have real power in choosing what projects they would like to see, and can help independent filmmakers like myself in a very literal way to bring these films to life! There are alternatives to only being able to vote with your ticket purchase at the local Megaplex for whatever formulaic mush happens to be playing that weekend. Kickstarter is important in facilitating that wonderful connection point between the artist and the audience!

6) Is there any particular movie that you have in your mind’s eye as reference to how The Price will look when completed?

Not really, as I'm trying to give it a very distinct look and feel. I want it to be heavily stylized, like the work of Tim Burton and Henry Selick -- you can always recognize their work from the very first scene.

7) Which movie has scared you the most?

The original Halloween by John Carpenter made my 14-year-old legs literally shake in my seat (I think I had to use the bathroom 3 times during that first viewing). We were visiting my grandparents for Christmas and I was sleeping on the living room floor ... I almost made it until their old clock suddenly started chiming the hour, and ZOOM!!! I was shoving into my younger brother's bed in 3 seconds flat, and stayed put the rest of the night. YEESH!!!

8) The wonderful Zoe Keating is working on soundtrack; can you name a soundtrack that has stuck with you after the film?

Wow -- there are so many!!! My most favorite of recent films are definitely Howard Shore's mind-blowing work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and I was seriously floored by Hans Zimmer's work on Inception (had to buy that right away). And who can ever forget that haunting refrain from Halloween? (Sadly, almost every one of my kids can play that on the piano -- great Dad, right?)

9) Your favorite Neil Gaiman book?

My favorite all-around book is The Graveyard Book (and want to make it into a film more than anything ... but I'm sure director Neil Jordan will do just fine). Of his adult fiction, I really enjoyed Stardust and Anansi Boys -- talk about cinematic imagery ready-to-go!!!

10) What would your superhero power be?

To fly and not to get hurt while doing it (because I'm a little clumsy)! Absolutely and without question.

11) Favorite movie monster?

LOVE the Balrog from LOTR. And the Angel of Death from Hellboy 2. And the Aliens from, of course, Aliens. And Darkness from Legend...

12) Favorite real monster?

The Ogopogo, a cool sea-serpent native to the incredibly gorgeous Okanagan Lake in central British Columbia (where I grew up). And yes, I still swim in it anyway!

13) How many toys do you have in your office?

There is no real way to tell; I've tried counting them several times, but I think they just keep switching places on me while I'm gone ...

Optional question: Why Silver Fish?

I like the color silver, and ... a salmon is a fish! That's it!!! :)

Cat here again,
I am going back in now to add more money to my pledge, i really want to see this on the screen, and be a part of the new wave of artists
controlling their work more directly and hands on.



spacedlaw said...

Great interview, folks. I hope this goes through, I am really excited with it.

Daria Hlazatova said...

loved the interview! thanks so much for sharing it! i wish i wasn't so skint i'd donate gladly! oh well.. :)

vampi said...

i'm so excited, i hope this happens because the trailer is amazing.