Monday, January 9, 2012

when Neil Gaiman comes to town...

Neil was just in town for a little mad dash of meetings and meals. Always such a pleasure to get caught up in his vortex, the people he knows, the places he goes...

We had a meal with the beautiful miss Fairuza Balk, who is now adding "candlemaker" to her resume. Very fitting that this fire spirit will bring the wick to your flame. If only you could smell this candle via interwebs...


No detail is missed, this is a slice from her description on the packaging of the candles:

Every box is hand stamped in real sealing wax with the ring that I wear around my neck every day which my father made for me. It is an ancient symbol, the double spiral. Among many other definitions it also means “as above so below”.

Go here for Fairuza's artcrafted candles.
here she is with our favorite Allan Amato:

A year ago, tomorrow, (Jan 10, 2011) we went over to the Fox lot so Neil could record his lines for his appearance on the Simpsons.
Last week, Bonnie Pietila, the casting director, presented Neil with his lemon-yellow, unmissable hardshell suitcase, complete with Bart-shaped luggage tag.


we had ice cream with the McCloud clan:


and breakfast with the ever-salty Harlan Ellison:


Harlan has a new book out, a sort of intro-text to this legendary author. Neil wrote the introduction and you can get more info on it HERE. (i just bought 2!)

Come see Harlan speak at Cinefamily on Jan 19th in Los Angeles, Drew & I will be there....
for details and/or to buy tickets, go HERE.

As always, when Neil comes to LA, or I go out to the Addams Family mansion, I have bags of fanmail/correspondence to get him to he inspects a beautiful time-machine manual from Curio & Co., the fine people in Austria who create "memorabilia from a pop culture that never existed".


I also had him sign a small number of the Jouni Koponen CONJUNCTIONS print, those will be up shortly on the Neverwear site.
(the site which is now being re-tooled and improved, stay tuned!)


I mentioned in this blog that I met Patrick Rothfuss and his lovely assistant, Valerie at World Fantasy Con this last October.
(yes, i had him sign my con badge)


this wonderful calendar showed up for Boss, featuring lush paintings of classic literature characters/authors by the incredible Lee Moyer.



this calendar benefits Patrick's very successful charity Worldbuilders.
you can still buy it here!
(each page is frameworthy...) (*...and rumor has it, we MAY see our Neil in a future edition, STILL JUST A RUMOR, you lot)

Valerie & Pat also sent Neil a print of Lee's Kipling page, look how gorgeous this is...


imagine my thrill and surprise, when i dug deeper into the box, to find these, (*shown as a headrest for miss Selina Kyle)


signed to me!! Thanks friends, i love them.


this also showed up in my mailbox, a little golden book of love. Thanks Boss!!


Lastly, as this blog has now grown legs and is starting to walk on its' own, did you SEE the new update from @XtopherSalmon on his modelling for The Price???!


here's a LINK to it, if you have missed it. Christopher is coming to LA soon, to do some more tinkering on the soundtrack, i can almost smell the air in Park City, Utah....Sundance-bound, baby!

(ps. and now I have a Tumblr account, thanks to Neil. i am HERE and am still figuring out how to drive that thing....)


vampi said...

i have a tumbler as well, but i haven't figured out how to use it very well. i generally just follow stuff. commenting on things confuses me.

that simpson luggage is pure awesomesauce.

i've added mr. rothfuss to my list for what to read next.

i hope i get my littlegold book soon :)

Patrick Rothfuss said...

Woo! I'm famous!

Lee Moyer said...

Cat - It was lovely to meet you (however briefly) in San Diego.

Thank you for the kind words. I hope that a 2013 calendar will become a reality. Not only is Pat Rothfuss a wonderful author, but the calendar of Literary Pin-Ups he sponsors benefits charity (the amazing Heifer International) too! Here's hoping the next one gets to contain some living authors! ;)

May that parade of fabulousness continue to surround you!

Kitty Cat said...

holy BLEEP!
Patrick & Lee AND Vampi commenting in one swoop.
i may swoon---!!

happy new year, you talented wizards.
xoxo Kitty

Siri said...

I'm reading The Wise Man's Fear at lunchtime. Very happy lunches have I. You will be quite pleased when you start them. Thank you for validating my choices!

Lucas said...

We saw Neil at the factory with Fourplay, but more importantly I need that calendar in my life. Like now,

spacedlaw said...

Dear Kitty,
You should blog about this joke/bag contest as it is not possible to comment on your Tumblr blog.