Sunday, July 14, 2013

back on the signing tour: Minneapolis & Chicago

I was in Sweden last week, still in a dream, can’t quite process all the travelling done this year—

Saw this welcome site in the Gothenburg airport as I prepared to fly home to rejoin Neil’s Last US Signing Book tour:

 photo swedishBook_zps7becc971.jpg

Along with these crazy candy bars:

 photo sweden2_zpsf0762588.jpg

Here was yesterday's mini-office in Neil’s most amazing Hobbit-magic-type study in Cambridge, all glowing wood and antique pieces and gorgeous old books… I want to live in this corner.

I have been organizing all the photos and I think I will have to go two shows at a time- First Minneapolis.

The Fab Lo picked me up at MSP, and we drove out to her old highschool for Neil's event. She's a braver girl than I, it would be very strange for me to return to my highschool stomping grounds, ayyy. Hans, the groundskeeper for Neil's midwestern home, kindly brought out miss Lola, Neil was beyond thrilled to see his girl dog.

 photo Hans_zps8f7c3055.jpg

My sweet aunt Athena and Uncle Jim came out to the show, it's always so great to hear her Greek accent and hilarious view points- she entertained the crowd around her, to be sure.

 photo AThena_zps5ec5f2e1.jpg

this lady made Boss crack up, honestly, we all did when we saw her shirt:

 photo Minn_zpsa121e7c1.jpg

a better view:

 photo Minn2_zps896ba0d4.jpg

here, Lorraine watches from backstage as Neil weaves his story web:

 photo Q_zpsa7fb9968.jpg

we rolled to Chicago the next morning, stopping at this truck stop, to see the Mystery Machine, you know I love some Scooby Do:

 photo truckstop_zps31914b59.jpg

I love Chicago, it has so many memories for me. We stayed in the swanky Waldorf Astoria, and I shot countless photos from Neil's suite:

 photo waldorfCHI_zps9ba7a0bc.jpg

The venue was a glamourous vintage theater, The Music Box, which, if in my neighborhood, I would visit every week--

 photo chiMarq2_zps141375c3.jpg

They were showing The Wall for their midnight movie!!!

 photo chiBoard_zps116c065a.jpg

here are some of the pro staff from Unabridged:

 photo Unabrid_zps45e474ca.jpg

Neil presigns in the wonderfully gothic dark:

 photo Chipresign_zps9ca51ed0.jpg

POPCORN!! they gave it to me, free. I love them. forever.

 photo Chimarq_zps19837f1c.jpg


 photo soundcheck_zpsf1d8f2f0.jpg

the photos are from my smudgy crap iPhone, because I thought I had lost my camera, so they aren't my proud best, but you can get an idea.

 photo ChiCrowd_zpsf903383d.jpg

Chicago, that means, Jill Thompson, Madeline Matz, Tara O'Shea and Valya!!

Valya & Mads helped me print out some very sensitive documents (hello American Gods scripts...) and Miss Matz did one of my favorite depictions of Cabal:

I WILL be making something out of her beautiful work, excuse the airport quickness of this post, as i should be putting links to everyone-- i will repair, but here it is:

 photo Jillt_zps2aa50b40.jpg

 photo JillTara_zps0cd576f1.jpg

Jill drew for some of the attendees, why didn't i bring something for her to scribble on??!

 photo Jilldraw_zps963ec584.jpg

two OTHER great things happened: 1. someone (i need this name!) sculpted NG a Cyberman helm!

 photo cybermen_zpsbff8179a.jpg

and 2. this marked the exhaled return of Bluey, Neil's missing-for-four-days suitcase. (Let this be a note to remind me to discuss with Alaska Air...!)

 photo suitcase_zps9eebd2ce.jpg

after the signing, we iced the poor hard-working Boss and put him into his bus.

 photo fruitIce_zps6f09f337.jpg

We loved Chicago so much, thank you all and especially to the staff from Unabridged Books & Music Box Theater. Look out for some mail next week from me n' the Boss.

Next up, a special pre-ComicCon announcement re: my good friend & art mogul David Mack. I'm sitting in Boston Logan Airport and will do the post from the plane to LAX.

HINT: a new print from David, illustrating Neil's THE GOLDFISH POOL & OTHER STORIES, from Smoke and Mirrors collection....~stand by~!!!

DM photo resized3DMACKPrintfinVersion3_zps50821a5b.jpg


Marjorie said...

So very busy, but many beautiful things!

spacedlaw said...

Gorgeous poster!

Rose P said...

I don't know the proper name of the guy who made & gifted the cyberman helm, but his twitter handle is @sithcamaro

Toby Markham said...

Silly me, I commented on the wrong blog entry. :p
I made him his Cyberman! I am proud to say that a work of mine is now a part of his personal collection. He is well deserving of it, after putting his hand through so much hell for the fans. :)

Kitty Cat said...

Toby!! i will correct this shortly-- many thanks for popping up, he LOVES his helm...
and of course, no internet on the plane--
so i am a day late on the print announcement, but oh well, them's the breaks--