Sunday, July 7, 2013

between two tours, book & rock--

this summer so far: a blur of getting on and off planes and tour buses-- started in the UK with Slipknot, we played one of the biggest festivals, at Castle Donington. It poured rain during our load in:

 photo b-UKrain_zps52dc53b9.jpg

London, rain & all, was a blast, seeing other roadies from other bands, all collecting under one purpose, get the job done.

 photo b-UKpound_zpse8fbd290.jpg

we rehearsed at Brixton Academy, which gave us a view of the iconic Battersea power station, made famous by Pink Floyd on their "Animals" album cover.

 photo b-battersea_zps7dca62ac.jpg

i jumped out of my seat when we drove by-- it was a little slice of rock history. here, a tangle of road radios...

 photo b-radios_zpsfa627f8c.jpg

during the tour, I was also prepping Neil's book tour w/ the wonderful Lauren from Harper's, his schedule being one of steady day after day, with no breaks. We flew into NYC and met up for the first event in Brooklyn.

Erin Morgenstern introduced him, shown here in blue, she was a warm and giving hostess, staying until the end of the loooong signing, to greet the crowd and sign books herself. (Maddy & Morgan also joined us this evening)

 photo n-NY_zps4512363b.jpg

here is miss Lauren, Neil's publicist, while waiting for some of his press clicks.

 photo b-LCNY_zpsc4f94e30.jpg

some kind soul made this terrific Sandman cookie for Boss:

 photo B-cooky_zps28d56aa0.jpg

(while that is NOT me holding said baked good, it does remind me today is manicure day)

where was this? so many books...

 photo b-books_zps79f51232.jpg

here's JK! and me in my uniform button dress & the amazing Merrilee, Neil's longtime #1 agent--

in DC, a mini-Neil comes to visit.

 photo puppetDC_zpsbe4d6141.jpg

also! a Danth siting, our dear webgoblin:

we are seeing if we can't sort to get him out on another night of the tour, he and his wife Lori came and rescued us that evening.

here are my cute parents by Neil's tour bus:

 photo bus_zps1e1be0fb.jpg

always so great to see them, even for a blurred moment.

we booked down to Atlanta, home of the delicious vegan stew made by Charles of Eagle Eye Books. what a crack-shot staff on board there, many thanks to Doug and Damien and all the rest.

 photo b-soup_zps2f3e4802.jpg

also special love to Kendra, who brought me this now-beloved little tiger, he has not left my side since that hot-as-Georgia-asphalt day. xoxo

on down to Florida, which was such a great little venue, super-organized in a temple, our green room was the Rabbi's office!

 photo n-FLa_zps5c5d89fb.jpg

even the men in blue showed up to get signed in Florida...see also my girl Vivienne in the hat, a surfer from Dublin, she was our delight.

 photo b-cops_zps5d901c37.jpg

this is Dakota, who made a book of most everything Neil has published, my photo does this majestic tome no justice.

 photo b-book_zps27d9c751.jpg

a Fla. friend brought this blast from the past, Neil & Eddie Campbell from yonks ago:

 photo NGEC_zps7126ecd5.jpg

on to Dallas, my good buddy Carmen came out for crowd-control, she has a one-woman tap-dancing act:

 photo b-txcarmen_zps956e4183.jpg

I have much more to say about each of these places, the Belmont Hotel was a dream- but time is fleeting. we pressed on to Colorado and the Tattered Cover event. We had a wonderful night, even though I believe that people were strewn about, and not in seats for Neil's reading. Some sweet fan brought this lovely gold envelope and i think the timing was perfect:

 photo DenverFanletter_zpsf38b00ef.jpg

My sister came out, and i only saw her for a few minutes but it was a life line. As well as a special surprise event in my day, but that one's my secret.

On the street on the way from hotel to bookstore, I had a surreal moment of worlds colliding, my tour boss, Mr. Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool, Puscifer and Perfect Circle was in Denver, doing his wine thing, and he stopped me in mid-stride hustling Neil down the street. Neil signed a book to him and MJK sent a bottle of wine up to his hotel room-- i have the best and classiest bosses a girl can have.

 photo NG_MJK_zps010bb647.jpg (photo by Neal Stephenson!)

 photo MJK_zpsc306f19f.jpeg (!!!)

we also had Whitney join the tour in Colorado, she was a lifesaver!

 photo b-tattoo_zps33f118d3.jpg

one of the many many great tattoo shots I have, a whole blog devoted to them will happen eventually-- be patient with me, all you word requesters...all will happen.

on to Phoenix and the excellent news that Neil's book THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list! here is a shot of him, shortly after this newsflash came in over the the background are the beauties: Knibbs and Polly..

 photo b-nyt_zpsa0f8c9ed.jpg

our favorite magician Crow Garrett comes out to see the Boss:

I fly home that night to get up at daybreak to be on a plane to Brussels to start the mini-Slipknot run I had already committed to. Separation anxiety in full effect...

(got this photo from Lauren, as seen in the LA event!)

landed in beautiful Brussels, view from my hotel...and i enjoyed a perfect dinner at that Chinese place on the neon:

we did a great show there, they really rolled out the red carpet for us:

here's a photo from Norm Costa, Joey's drumtech-extraordinaire:

 photo sK_zpsc7830af1.jpg

thanks Norm, for the loan...

we spent a few days in Amsterdam, oh boy!

look who i spy in the Amsterdam airport...

 photo neilMag_zpsd62fd769.jpg

i do my touristy duty:

 photo b-Holland_zpsb92fc827.jpg

i was enchanted by the bridges and the water all around, I have been to Amsterdam several times, but this was a nice change of pace, to breathe in the air around me:

 photo b-bridgeAms_zpsf9e4f6a2.jpg

we went on to Denmark to play Roskilde in the big orange tents, they even had a big chess board out for us:

in Copenhagen, they seem to have a great love for owls and fairies, it's always been my most favorite city in Scandinavia...

 photo b-danishOwls_zps362b2588.jpg

plus Dracula candy (& maybe chalk candy?!)

 photo b-danishCandy_zps97cb5755.jpg

bikes everywhere!

we got on a tour bus overnight to get to the show in time for a 7:30 load in.

it was a superlong day, but my highlight was seeing GHOST side stage.

 photo ghost_zpse495fe10.jpg

my continuing fascination with other currencies:

 photo kronor_zps560d8061.jpg

so i am home now for one day. Arrived to the shockingly sad news of the SFO crash, have spent the morning looking at plans B, C, and D, but seems like Boss is on track now for his Ann Arbor event-- I fly to him tomorrow in Minneapolis. CAN'T WAIT! it will be great to be back in the book saddle.

i took a screenshot of my chat with miss Selina Kyle & Husband, who is on Taylor Swift tour, and coming home for one day, poor darling had a middle seat, all 6'6" of him crammed in, so I better wrap this missive, i only have him for ONE DAY, look how happyi am though, in the corner:

 photo SkypeCAll_zps1ac4e104.jpg

stay tuned for more! i am on the tweety as @neverwear. updates there...looking forward to ComicCon! xoxox Kitty


Beez said...

Hurrah! I know it will be Hella crowded, but I may get to say "Hi" to you tomorrow?


Ali Trotta said...

This post is a whirlwind of awesome things. May the rest of your travels go well, dear Cat. I only just now (a handful of minutes ago) got around to ordering The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I cannot wait to dive in...

Marjorie said...

I love reading about all your adventures.

Are you going to be coming with Neil when he comes back to England next month?
I'm hoping to get to his portsmouth gig ;-)

spacedlaw said...

That kitty's face!
Have fun in Minneapolis. Give my dear Lorraine some hugs for me. Have some for yourself. I wish we had not miss each others in Amsterdam.

Chantrelle said...

So bummed you weren't on the Santa Rosa leg of the tour! Amazing tour diary as usual though. :-)

Jackie Fletcher said...

Would have loved to meet you in Ann Arbor but glad you had your time to yourself.

Meghan Hefferan said...

Hi! I wanted to say in Manhattan that I love your sleeves! But I wasn't sure if that was you :)

I can't imagine balancing this many crazy things - you're awesome!

Dragonsally said...

Your adventures are incredible, but how many days have you managed to sleep in your own bed this year Cat?

Kitty Cat said...

hello all you loves! long time no blog--
you can see why---haha.
Quiche is picking me up, very happy to see her...
as for sleeping in my own bed, it is so rare now, but so appreciated. My poor old sick Batman boy slept on me, and that makes me the happiest possible.

up late to finish packing and do orders & off to the airport at 4:30 -- stay tuned for more reports from the scene!

Toby Markham said...

What a great tour. Neil is such a great sport, to put his hand through that hell.
He deserved the Cyberman mask (I MADE IT FOR HIM!).