Friday, July 26, 2013

San Diego ComicCon part 2

!!! somehow my original veeryyyyyyyy long post got deleted-- trying to re-create-- meanwhile, booooo. enjoy some photos anyway... I said some very nice things about young David Mack who painted our newest print--a slice from THE GOLDFISH POOL, one of my favorite of Neil's stories. We debuted it at ComicCon and David sold it at the Century Guild Booth- Tomorrow night there is a show at the Century Guild gallery in Culver City, I hope to see our LA people in attendance!

 photo Mack_zps0b81b199.jpg

David and Caro came up to our SD suite and signed overlooking the lights of the convention

 photo MackSigns_zps24ddcc4a.jpg

 photo MackSigns2_zps0a637a5e.jpg

Got to have a little overdue hang time with the Hall H goddess, Pam, my supergirl crush! She accidentally got us into the Metallica panel, truly, BY ACCIDENT. She's showing off her Trujillo picks, the little minx.

 photo Pam_zps01d5fdd8.jpg

Here before Neil's Sandman panel, he holds up an original piece of history, the title page art from Sandman #1.

 photo Sleep_zps053467cf.jpg

Seeing Todd Klein and Dave McKean was wonderful, and I got to meet Sam Kieth for the first time- what a panel!

 photo page2_zps02dae49c.jpg

goofing around on the floor, with WETA!

 photo weta_zps1a4598a8.jpg


 photo legendary_zps161475e0.jpg

here we wait to go into Roman Dirge's REBUILT panel!

 photo RomRus_zps0f2e2c8f.jpg

Starburns Industries gifted Roman with this new wolfy cane, and here is Husband modelling with him.

 photo cane_zpsca915c7e.jpg

For Neil's spotlight panel, Jonathan Ross, the textbook brilliant interviewer brings the crowd down.

 photo panel_zps0cf9c31a.jpg

sorry that my full blog disappeared, I usually save them properly, but Mercury-retrograde is having fun with me. Spending most of my time getting caught up with Neverwear orders, thank you to ALL who were so patient with me, Neil wrote me out some great excuse cards for lateness:


vampi said...

i'm glad the dead was only temporary :)

Marjorie said...

Me too. (Also glad you weren't eaten by goats)

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